We made a conscious choice to not have reviews on our website.

The reason is simply because we want our Nagomi Visit experiences to emulate any situations in life where you meet a new person. You would never write a review of people you just met so we simply do the same.

What we can offer instead are reflections written by past Nagomi Visit participants. Check out our Stories page. Follow the links to blogs etc. listed on the top of the page if you would rather see content written on other sources besides our website.

You will find a lot of links on our Twitter account to pages that mention Nagomi Visit and their experiences. The comments you will find on our Facebook page are also a good reference point.

If you have specific concerns about safety, what we think the most helpful part to ease your concerns is perhaps knowing that you will be able to directly contact and converse with your host before the visit.

Although not all hosts and guests do this but you can also propose to talk on Skype before meeting? And of course if you are not sure about the host then you are more than welcome to contact us with your concerns.

Of course we can talk about the fact that more than 5 thousand guests have participated including guests with kids of all ages.

That our hosts all need to register to become hosts, meaning they pay a yearly membership fee, they need to have a bank account or credit card, need to send in their intentions of wanting to participate in the program etc. and that they are also taking a risk too just in the same way as you are as they are welcoming "strangers" into their own home and many times where they have their own kids too.

But we believe it all boils down to trusting the actual host you will be visiting so hopefully the above information will help.

However if you still have specific questions or concerns you are more than welcome to contact us and ask away!