Many of our hosts would be thrilled to meet up earlier than the set time and suggest going to a neighborhood park or playground before lunch or dinner. Or they might have other ideas where you won't have to worry about the kids wandering about.

Suggesting an activity before visiting the host's home to eat might be a good idea so you will be less worried about the kids being restless and you can enjoy your time talking to the host parent(s).

Some activities past Nagomi Visit families have done are handicrafts, origami, playing the piano, driving around in mini cars, jungle gym, trampoline, learning about Japanese children's traditions like rite of passage shichigosan festival, trying on kimonos, and more. You can see what past Nagomi Visitors have done on our Facebook page.

The activity itself can often times be making the lunch or dinner itself like making a rice ball, a simple character bento box, sushi in the shape of a cupcake etc.

Be sure to check out our general tips for going on a Nagomi Visit with young kids but if you see something here that is not covered, feel free to contact us!