Yes, of course. We have hosts from various generations, including hosts who are currently parents raising toddlers of the same age or have kids of various ages and are very welcoming of babies.

When sending a request include a saturday lunch date so more hosts with similar age kids will respond.

This may be your chance to relax a bit during your Japan trip with fellow parents. You will be able to see details of each host before you complete your booking so you will be able to choose who you will feel comfortable with based on their profile. 

If you are concerned about transportation, you are more than welcome to request a host who is within 30 mins from your accomodation. Just be sure to include this information in your request but also note that this might limit the number of hosts who respond.

So another option is to request a host who may be further out in the suburbs or countryside since there will be more open space for your baby to move around. The Nagomi Visit Team or the host will be more than happy to provide the most optimal directions to your host's home.

If you have specific concerns feel free to contact us anytime.