Of course you can. A gift from your hometown is a great conversation starter. If you are unable to bring a gift from your hometown, it is the thought that counts so anything will brighten your host’s day. 

Our program is about sharing food culture so something edible might be a good idea. You can also use your host's profile as reference to find what the host may like. Check their hobbies and interests, or the age of their kids and what they like and use that as a reference point.

Keep in mind that flowers can be a little tricky. Most colorful flowers that can be found in modern flower shops near the station for instance are usually okay for any occasion. Just remember that chrysanthemums should be avoided since they are usually used for funerals. White flowers, although not always associated with funerals, might also be good to avoid just to be safe.

We do have an anti-bribery clause in our terms and conditions but as long as the gift is given without the expectation of return, as opposed to a bribe which is given in the hope of influence or benefit, you have nothing to worry about.

If your question is whether or not you need to bring a gift, the simple answer is no.