Yes we have worked with many travel agents for groups small and large so we welcome your requests.

Please be aware that we require your client's name, ages, country, and brief self introduction such as their jobs, hobbies, passions, and so on as presented in our booking form.

Nagomi Visit’s program of intercultural communication and understanding is what makes it special so this information is not only required because of this but will enhance your client’s Nagomi experience.

For both small and large groups use the booking form to find hosts but for large groups we recommend splitting into smaller groups to not only make it easier to find hosts since many hosts cannot physically fit large groups into their homes but it will be a great opportunity for your clients to really immerse themselves in the local culture. See We are a large group. Will we be able to find a host? for more information on booking large groups.

Host location details can be confirmed before booking. After booking has been completed you will receive details on where your client should meet the host.

At this point we require all clients to contact the host directly instead of the host going through your agency. This is not only to be true to our motto of cultural exchange but providing the host with an emergency contact phone number and email which directly connects to your client will become crucial in case of an emergency especially on the day of the visit.