Remember a few rules of etiquette while eating

There is no specific order to eat
Unless you are eating a full course meal at a restaurant, most of the time there is no specific order in which you need to eat your food. Yes sometimes it might be better to try more flavorful or fattier foods last but this has more to do with keeping your taste buds sensitive to the distinct flavors than etiquette. Another example might be when you are making food at the table which happens a lot in Japanese cuisine, like hot pot for instance. The order in which you put the various ingredients has more to do with starting with the ones that take more time to cook. However, the one exception is the shime or finish. Rice or noodles always usually goes in last in the remaining broth so you can fully enjoy the amazing bowl of umami flavor.

Pick up your bowl to eat
If your host has prepared rice and miso soup, remember to try and pick those bowls up with one hand and eat with your chopsticks in the other hand. Sipping is okay when it comes to miso soup but when eating rice, use the chopsticks to bring the rice towards your mouth. Don’t worry too much because the rice will be sticky enough for this to be surprisingly easy. Don’t pick up the other plates or bowls.

Communal plates
A lot of guides say not to take food from the communal plate with your own chopsticks but this actually depends on the host so just ask. You can also tell if they have serving utensils already prepared. If you want to try an advance way, then flip your chopsticks around and try using the top end to pick up the food from the communal plates.

Chopstick etiquette
Yes you may have read somewhere to not pass food from chopstick to chopstick, and to not stick your chopsticks upright in your bowl of rice, but don’t get too stressed out with all the rules. Just remember, the visit itself is a time of learning too so the host won’t be offended if you make any mistakes. Just ask and do your best.