As in any country, home cooked meals differ depending on the family, region, and many other factors. But rest assured, you will be able to correspond with your host before the Nagomi Visit to decide on the menu if you have any requests, questions, or concerns.

Keep in mind that even if you have tried Japanese food back home, you might be surprised at how different the food may be. Yes, locals do eat sushi but it tends to be more for special occasions like when guests like you come. But even if your host prepares sushi it might be DIY hand rolled temaki sushi or scattered chirashi sushi which are not often offered in restaurants outside of Japan.

Some popular meals are food you can make with your host at the dinner table, such as grill-it-yourself savory okonomiyaki pancakes, takoyaki pancake balls, hand rolled temaki sushi, or hot pots. On our Facebook page you can see some photos of past menus.

There are also hosts who like to make sure you can get a taste of seasonal ingredients such as bamboo shoots during the springtime. Some might prepare a small portion of regional delicacies just so you can sample first and if you like it, eat more. A few hosts are specialists of certain diets such as macrobiotics so if you are interested be sure to mention that in your request. We also have hosts who like to incorporate games.

There may be hosts who may eat more modern Japanese-style meals such as pasta dishes where you may find Japanese ingredients such as seaweed. Or other adopted cuisines such as Japanese-style Chinese food which is also unique and definitely worth a try.

So just keep an open mind and you will be able to see Japanese food in a different light but nevertheless you will be able to correspond with your host as to what you are interested in trying before the Nagomi Visit so be sure to utilize your host's contact information.

Concerned about dietary requirements? See more details here.